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The Largest Selection of Bargain Books In Canada


Book Depot has been in the wholesale bargain book business for over 30 years. Today, our massive 500,000 square foot distribution facility processes new stock and ships all over the world every day. Automated order fulfillment equipment and over 200 dedicated staff ensure your orders are shipped quickly and your costs remain low. Book Depot offers the largest selection of deeply discounted books on the wholesale market worldwide, which means great titles on your shelves at a fraction of the cost. Our inventory is made up of publishers' excess books, which may have been handled a few times but are all unread and guaranteed to be in excellent condition.


To save retailers time and money by offering the largest selection of high-margin books.

The largest selection pays.


We see increased profitability spurring on an evolving but vibrant retail book market.

Smaller market. Bigger margins.


The significance of the printed book in our everyday lives is rapidly evolving. With the advance of smartphones, tablets, and eReaders, we've seen many changes in the industry and in our business over the past 30 years. However, one thing has not changed: booklovers will never lose the appreciation for the tactile experience of the printed book. Continue reading.

At Book Depot we have always taken the long term view on our business. We’ve spent years building a strong infrastructure that is second to none in the bargain book industry. In 1997 we launched the first B2B website, and today we have the most user friendly website with the largest selection of bargain book titles anywhere in the world. Over the past seven years we have invested millions of dollars in automation to insure the fastest and most accurate order processing in the industry—presently our fill rate exceeds 99.23%.

I’m excited to say that when it comes to pushing the limits of technology, this past year has been no different as we launched our most exciting project to date. New sortation technology is enabling us to sort more books, process them quicker, and provide you with an even better selection of titles.

If you’re a long-time customer, thank you for your loyalty and for the trust you have placed in us over the years. Perhaps this is your first time visiting our website; I would encourage you to spend some time browsing so you can see for yourself our large selection. I’m confident you will find that shopping with us is a way to save time and money, and those are powerful benefits in today’s market. If you would rather not shop via our website, please call us and ask to speak to one of our experienced sales representatives who would be happy to assist you by tailoring a list of products for your specific needs.

Book Depot is the single best seller in bargain books. Our vast selection of titles and fast processing times make us a valuable one-stop shop, cutting down on your purchasing time and overhead costs. More choice. Less time and cost.

We look forward to serving you for another 30 years.

Wilf Wikkerink


email: [email protected]

phone: 1.800.801.7193

67 Front Street N

Thorold, ON

L2V 1X3