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Customer Success Story: Black Bond Books

May 31, 2017

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Black Bond Books is a general-interest bookstore located in British Columbia, Canada, and today there are ten locations throughout Vancouver and the surrounding area. Bargain book pioneers, they have been carrying bargain product for over 30 years, and it represents 25% of their total book inventory. They have a large and diverse customer base, including dedicated bargain shoppers, and needed a good partner with competitive prices to source a wide range of product to stock each of their locations.



With the largest selection of titles in the industry, including some of the best publishers and popular, highly-read authors, Book Depot is able to give Black Bond Books the variety of titles and genres they need. Book Depot consolidates their orders into full pallet shipments, making it easy for them to select fresh titles from our daily inventory updates and save
on shipping.



Black Bond Books observed that their margins, which currently average 60-plus percent on bargain books, “increased dramatically” following the addition of this product. Twenty-five percent of their total book sales can be attributed to their bargain selection, and they have had steady increases in their overall store sales. Customers have responded positively to the bargain
product, leading to larger basket and order sizes.



“Our margins have increased dramatically because of bargain books.” – Cathy Jesson, President

“The steady increases in our bargain book sales is a major factor for our success today.” – Cathy Jesson, President



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